About Us

Why The NZ Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust Was Formed

One in 10 people in NZ have Epilepsy or develop it at some stage in their lives and although in most cases it is controlled with medication or in some cases surgery, many need more assistance to live a fulfilling life.

Our founder Andrea Hawkless knew this from personal experience as her own son had severe epilepsy that was not significantly improved by either option and so after considerable research and with no such organisation existing in NZ, Andrea formed NZEADT  to enhance the lives of people whose epilepsy significantly affected their daily lives.

NZ Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust Objectives

The NZ Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust is a charitable trust registered in 2007 for the purpose of training dogs  in New Zealand with the following objectives.

  • To aid people living with epilepsy to lead more independent lives.
  • To promote public awareness of the importance and role of epilepsy assist dogs.
  • Provide support to people training and using Epilepsy Assist Dogs.
  • Use the funds of the trust as the trustees may consider necessary or proper in payment of the costs and expenses of carrying out the objectives of the Trust.