Kiri And Molly

My name is Kiri Lee and Molly, my black Labrador Retriever, is my Epilepsy Assist Dog and she has given me a more independent and happy life.

Before I got Molly I had to rely on family and friends, who are very supportive, to take me places but now that I have Molly I have the ability to get myself to the places I need to go by using the public transport system and by walking, which were things I was a bit dubious about doing alone, as I tend to wander when I have a seizure and don’t necessarily know where I am for a short period of time.

Molly comes with me wherever I go, whether it be to work or shopping or to sporting events. She gives me the ability to get to these places more safely and if I do happen to have a seizure, she makes people more aware and gets the help that I need. If she catches me at the right time, she can even stop me going fully into a seizure, she does this by jumping in front of me (if I am standing) or nudging/licking me (if I am sitting), which tends to distract me and can stop me going any further into that seizure. This seems to be happening a lot more regularly than it used to as well. Even if she doesn’t stop me going into the seizure, she does stay with me and keeps me safe.

I now own and live in my own house and no longer have to live with my parents, who are very supportive and helpful and love Molly to bits. Molly and the NZ Epilepsy Assist Dog Trust (NZEADT) have given me the ability to do this and I give my thanks to the NZEADT for giving me this opportunity.

– Kiri Lee



Since writing this Molly has also pulled Kiri off a busy road when she had a seizure unbeknown to her. This was relayed to Kiri though a witness. As well she saved her life when Kiri had a seizure and fell onto the rail tracks while waiting for a train. Molly’s response alerted guards who safely removed Kiri from the track before the train arrived.